We specialize in spray chroming which is a mirror like effect on the front surface applied through chemical reaction.
Our spray chroming can be applied to many base materials such as wood, glass, metals, polystyrene, ceramic, stone, etc.
Not only our spray chroming is grunted to provide with pure silver look, our gold finish gives an amazing real gold-like effect as well.
A whole select of other colors are also available by tinting the final topcoat.

While most of traditional spray chrome in the market have challenges such as tarnishing and turning yellow over time,
our made in Japan spray chrome will not peel, flake, or change color even in outdoor conditions.
Our anti corrosive agent enables silver to be well suited for outdoor conditions to last for a very long time.

We have satisfied customers from various industries such as custom cars and motorcycles, architectural and signage,
design and display, interior decorator, and fashion.
We take orders from just 1,
and our spray chrome silvering kit is also available for anyone who is looking to start the spray chroming for less cost.
For price inquiry in English, please contact through the email form on the main page.